I'm Kiril, a Swiss-Venezuelan digital designer always looking for new opportunities and challenges. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you like my work.

Night Shift


UI/UX Design

Night Shift is an online fashion store bringing together young and talented designers from around the world. With an attractive and pragmatic interface, Night Shift offers to his customers access to some unique fashion items.

Stay up to date with the latest fashion with articles written by the designers themselves. Learn from their inspirations, understand their creative process and access to their fashion recommandations and latest creations.

Thanks to a limited and curated catalogue, you can explore the list without missing any details. The preview always shows you the back and front of any items at a glance on mobile and web.



UI/UX Design

Captured is a digital workspace for coaching relationships and skill-building communities. The issue we are trying to solve is that you make your biggest personal improvements with somebody else’s help, but you can’t always be in the same place or connected at the same time with the right people.

Captured was heavy in features which was a big design challenge. Particularly on mobile, where we had to be clever on how to structure and prioritize the content while keeping it accessible to everyone.

With Captured, you can create rich pages, add videos and documents. Connect with people and join groups. Share your creations and learn from others. It’s the perfect place to improve your skills.



UI/UX Design

Elocyclo is an electric bike sharing system providing more than 100 bikes at 10 stations throughout Montreux. Grab a bike near you and travel throught the city in the easiest and most enjoyable way.

The goal with this app was to give an uncluttered experience. To achieve it, I decided to keep only the essential features and to give it a clean and playful look. With links and actions on each screens kept to a minimum, the apps journey becomes very straight forward and accessible to everyone



Graphic Design

Temporis is a monthly magazine about international watchmaking. The project was to create an indentity including a logo, a cover and few examples of page layouts.

By using a well defined grid, I created elegant pages to read through. Avoiding complex structures, I tried to make the readers the less distracted possible and also gave the watches the focus they deserve.



Graphic Design

ACAT is a human rights organisation fighting to abolish torture and death sentence all around the world. With the catchphrase “Torture feeds from silence” The concept was to avoid using chocking images and trigger the viewer’s imagination and thoughts on the matter.

The text only reveals itself if you blink or move to a certain distance from the poster. I got inspired by the effect use on the soulwax album cover designed by Richard Robinson and Trevor Jackson.



Graphic Design

For this temporary exhibition at the Gruyère Museum, I created a poster and the signage of the 20th anniversary of Ebulltion. Ebullition is a concert hall created in 1991 that host artists looking for an alternative venue in Switzerland.

Ebullition means boiling in French. On the poster, you can see all the artists that have play in the venue. They are all sorted alphabetically where each circle represents a bubble.